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The Role of the Friends

The Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail (DRHT) is an organization of trail supporters who want to see the DRHT protected for future generations. This volunteer group of citizens is working toward the completion of the proposed DRHT rail trail, first as a private-use (permit required) trail pending King George Board of Supervisor support for the project, and then as a public-access rail trail. They are active in planning, design, construction and maintenance of the rail trail, membership and fundraising activities and in publicly promoting and supporting the rail trail.

Their intention is to provide the residents of King George county and surrounding communities with a handicapped-accessible recreational trail for non-motorized activities such as cycling, hiking, running, skiing and horse-back riding, while at the same time promoting and preserving the natural and historic aspects of the rail trail. The rail trail will also serve to connect neighborhoods and provide an alternative to using roadways.

The Friends work to ensure that all trail-related questions, concerns and other issues are addressed through education and by working with the local residents, county government and other interested parties. Through perseverance, patience, and hard-work, the Friends aim to convince the residents and officials of King George county to support the protection of this land as a rail trail. Specific activities of the Friends include:

• Coordinating public education and outreach efforts
• Communicating and working together with local authorities
• Increasing trail usage and building membership
• Sponsoring trail outings, activities and events
• Establishing trail clearing and maintenance activities
• Sponsoring fund raising campaigns and grant applications
• Implementing the design, and construction of the rail trail
• Supporting legislative efforts that promote the rail trail as a state-funded rail trail

The Friends' Phase 1 mission is for the DRHT to be a state funded, run and maintained rail trail. Phase 2 goals include connecting the DRHT to local, regional and national trail and greenway networks, and implementing VDOT's "Complete Streets" policy into an infrastructure throughout the county that will accommodate all users of the highways.

The Friends group holds regular meetings that are announced on this web site at www.friendsdrht.org.

For information on getting involved, visit the Help Support the DRHT page or Contact Us.

Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax-deductible status is forthcoming. Meanwhile, tax-deductible donations may be made through one of the Friends' partner organizations; email contact@friendsdrht.org for more information.


Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail