DRHT Trail Map - Section 3  
Length - approximately 4 miles
Start - Continuation from Section 2 near Panorama Drive in The Meadows subdivision
End - Just off Rt 614 (Owens Road)
Trail Conditions - The trail in Section 3 is generally cleared of downed trees and large obstacles. Much of this section is well-suited for hiking, walking, running and biking but there may be some fallen trees, stumps and roots on the trail, as well as some rotten ties in the ground so please keep an eye out for holes, uneven ground, and other obstacles. This section has not been conpletely leveled or had stone dust put down and so is not considered suitable for strollers or children on bikes.
Parking & Access
At this time, no public access or parking is available along Section 3 of the trail. Unless you live along this section, please access Section 3 of the trail from Sections 1 or 2.
Notes - Please do not use private roads for access or parking. There is no public trail access from The Meadows subdivision (all roads are private). This section also passes Little Ark Baptist Church (on Rt 614)- there is no public trail access from church property and out of respect for the congregation of Little Ark Baptist Church, trail users are not currently authorized to use the portion of the trail property that passes adjacent to the Little Ark Baptist Church cemetery.

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