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The first Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail 50 Kilometer race
12 August 2009

arrow K.G. trail out of a rut, and ready for big race
6 August 2009
arrow Still no action on two lingering projects: Ralph Bunche, rails-to-trails
12 December 2008
arrow Rails-to-trails project keeps chugging along
7 July 2008
arrow Dogs Tackle the Heritage Trail
31 March 2008
arrow K.G. trail group holding fundraiser HIKING FOR A CAUSE
29 March 2008
arrow Jay Carelock earns Boy Scouts' highest honor, Eagle
23 March 2008
arrow SURVEY >> Connecting trails and path maps needed Area bicyclists, pedestrians seek improved path system
6 September 2007
arrow Recreation opponents fear crime, litter KG ignores rails-to-trails plan that state has OK'd
15 July 2007

King George Supervisors given railroad presentation – finally
2 May 2007

arrow Supervisors to get briefing on D.C. railroad realignment study
25 April 2007
arrow Brickley leads call for more area trails
26 March 2007
download the article [PDF]
arrow The Good...
21 March 2007
arrow The Bad...Shots Fired at Hikers on the DRHT Walk
21 March 2007
arrow Blazing a way for new trails
22 January 2007

As group sets up its Jan. 21 walk, questions about the Rails to Trails project linger
10 January 2007


Supervisors to not send trail letter
20 December 2006

arrow K.G. won't take sides on trails
14 November 2006
arrow Supervisors will send a letter regarding railroad right-of-way
13 December 2006
arrow Wittman’s town meeting turns to trail talk
29 November 2006
arrow KG GOP Party change may take time
22 November 2006
arrow Shoot out on the Vivian Hannah
15 November 2006
arrow Dahlgren Trail is an Open Invitation to Enjoy Beauty
3 November 2006
arrow Local Trails Deserve Boost from General Assembly Reps
3 November 2006
arrow Boost Property Values with Trails and Bike Paths
3 November 2006
arrow Headley does not speak for all Republicans in KG
1 November 2006
arrow Outdoors plan gets comment
31 October 2006
arrow Outdoor wish list in works
27 October 2006
David Brickley: Determined Trail Builder [PDF]
August 2006
'Danger' of walking trails has been overstated
7 August 2006
Just the facts, ma'am--not tall tales about trails
4 August 2006
Trail would open up King George to more problems
2 August 2006
Think the K.G. trail is great? Try 'hosting' the public in your yard!
28 July 2006
Sorry, but I don't believe walking trails are so safe
24 July 2006
Hitting the Trail: Should the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail be built?
14 July 2006
Critics of the King George rail-trail have offered no real evidence
6 Jul 2006
Putting Bike Enthusiasm to work for Dahlgren Railroad Trail
7 Jun 2006
Rails-to-Trails opponents and supporters come out for ribbon cutting
7 Jun 2006
Report inconclusive on Railroad Trail Use
24 May 2006 
Work stopped for now on Dahlgren rail-to-trail
10 May 2006
Dahlgren Rail-to-Trail supporters make plans for grand opening
3 May 2006
King George is a county with relatively few public recreational amenities, a fact that is not necessarily anyone’s fault but is rather more a result of a small locality with a small population that has historically needed to first focus on providing basic services to its residents.
12 April 2006
Blazing a Trail in King George
28 March 2006
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