Trail Progress  

We'll try to keep this section updates with the latest information about progress of the trail and current conditions. The entire trail is CLEARED and suitable for hiking or walking. We've also had a few visitors run the entire trail although you still need to be careful of footing. Many portions of the trail are also suitable for biking with mountain bikes. Before riding, we recommend you hike or walk the portion of the trail you intend to bike and check the conditions for yourself.

Horses are not yet permitted. The footing is still too unstable in many places and we haven't yet worked out the policies for horseback riding on the trail. But we DO intend to eventually permit horses and riders on the trail.

The latest progress on the trail includes landscaping and grading of the trailhead area at Route 605. Click here for a vision of what the trailhead may someday look like.

605 Trailhead Overview






Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail